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PresidentTo contribute to a more abundant society
by continually providing special value
with superior, cutting-edge proprietary technology

The “tokki” of Canon Tokki is short for “special equipment” or “specialized equipment” in Japanese. Since its foundation in 1967, the company has taken on new challenges amid constantly changing times and pursued special value for our customers. With its core competence in manufacturing system integration, ranging from machine tools and automation equipment to the latest vacuum process technologies, Canon Tokki provides special value in the form of manufacturing systems and related services with sophisticated, cutting-edge proprietary technologies that help raise productivity at manufacturing sites. Our corporate social mission is to contribute to a more abundant society through industrial development by continually providing the special value embodied in our company name.

Our company has made huge contributions to the end-product manufacturing results of our customers through a long line of technological innovations and improvements achieved in partnership with our customers that continues up to the present day. For example, we developed the world’s first mass-production equipment for manufacturing next-generation OLED displays, which, because they are self-illuminating, are notable for their thinness and light weight, remarkable visibility, low energy consumption, and fast response times. Thanks to the support of our customers, the market has embraced the special value of our manufacturing equipment and systems, and we have supplied these systems to many customers, including the world’s leading panel makers. In the coming years, we will broaden our business domain to include organic electronics, create new value in partnership with our customers, and contribute to the creation and expansion of the OLED market.

We are also expending a large amount of energy on diversifying our business with the aim of creating a corporate structure that can withstand shocks from economic fluctuations and sudden changes in the business landscape. In addition to our existing OLED business, we are making aggressive moves in the environment and energy business, such as next-generation thin-film photovoltaic cell panel manufacturing systems, and the electronic device business. Our ultimate goal is to shore up our management foundation through business diversification while attaining sustained growth.

Canon Tokki, as a Canon Group company and operating under the Group’s corporate philosophy of kyosei, also aims to be the best, most-trusted, most-supported partner for our customers and all our other stakeholders. We will also strive to fulfill our corporate mission and our corporate social responsibility (CSR), with a priority on compliance and high ethical standards, and contribute to the realization of a more abundant society.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your continued support, cooperation, and encouragement.

Teruhisa Tsugami
Chairman and CEO
Canon Tokki Corporation

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