Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Efforts

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Environmental Policy

  1. Canon Tokki establishes concrete objectives and goals for protecting the environment by consistently implementing environmental management programs, and by reviewing these programs on a regular basis as a part of continuous environmental program improvement efforts.
  2. Canon Tokki complies with all rules and regulations regarding the environment, as well as ordinances, agreements with the local region or community, industry codes of conduct, and other requirements.
  3. Canon Tokki recognizes the environmental effects of its production processes and works to prevent environmental pollution
    1. Reduction of waste material
    2. Reduction in the use of energy
    3. Promotion of the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, and recycle)
    4. Reduction in the use of hazardous chemical substances
    5. Saving resources in the distribution of goods and controlling air pollution caused by vehicle transportation.
  4. When designing and developing products, Canon Tokki considers the burden placed on the environment and provides products that can help to build a better environment.
  5. Canon Tokki works to continuously heighten the environmental awareness level of all employees while sharing information through environmental education.
  6. Canon Tokki uses internal corporate bulletins to make all of its employees, employees of partner companies stationed in Canon Tokki, and others aware of its environmental policy, while also publicly disclosing the policy on its Web site.

Quality Policy

We continuously pursue and provide world’s best technology / quality / service in order to create “the customer impression"

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