Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Efforts

Information Security Policy

Efforts in the Area of Information Security

1. Efforts in the Area of Information Security
Canon Tokki sees information security as "one of the most important issues for both management and business operations" , and the entire company works with an awareness of this fact.
2. Compliance Program
Canon Tokki ensures that board members, employees, and others are aware of the importance of protecting information assets, and has formulated, implemented, maintains, and improves a compliance program for establishing and thoroughly applying information security management systems.
3. Protection of Information Assets
As a vacuum technology product manufacturer with OLED panel mass production equipment at its core, Canon Tokki implements management policies appropriate for each business situation in order to securely protect information assets from threats to their confidentiality, completeness, or availability.
4. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
Canon Tokki's compliance program complies with and is in accordance with laws, regulations, standards, and other conventions related to information security, and Canon Tokki complies with these laws, regulations, standards, and other conventions.
5. Education and Training
Canon Tokki works to improve the awareness of information security by its board members, employees, and others, while conducting education and training programs regarding its information security compliance program.
6. Prevention and Handling of Incidents
While working to prevent information security incidents, Canon Tokki also maintains a readiness to quickly take appropriate countermeasures if an incident should occur, including the prevention of reoccurrence.
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